INUILI College of Food Sciences and Knowledge Center

Greenland's only food sciences school INUILI is located in Narsaq.

Training programs at INUILI
INUILI is a modern vocational school with highly skilled and committed teachers who offer training programs for the following careers: cook, waiter/waitress, hotel and tourism workers, cafeteria and canteen technician, butcher, baker, receptionist and dietician.

In addition to vocational training, INUILI also offers a wide range of courses and training seminars in the area of food services.

A center of knowledge
INUILI also plays a key role as a center of knowledge for the development of Greenlandic products. The school takes great pride in using premium Greenlandic ingredients.

Over the years, the school has amassed a great deal of knowledge, for example, by interviewing older members of the community. This has shed light on how earlier generations foraged for herbs and other food, and has led to interesting experiments with new ingredients at the school.

The most commonly used ingredients at INUILI are berries, seaweed, herbs, mushrooms and of course fish, wildfowl and meat from sea and land mammals.

Product development
INUILI works continuously to develop new and exciting products using wild Greenlandic ingredients. The school is delighted each time a new and successful product sees the light of day, be it an innovation with food industry applications or something that can be used within the school..

Greenlandic championships
Every fall INUILI organizes the popular Greenlandic championships for professional cooks from the island's finest restaurants. There are also championships for the school's trainee cooks.

Postboks 123
3921 Narsaq

tlf. 66 13 13
fax 66 13 33

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